Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mismanagement at Cornell-Los Alamos Arxives

Mismanagement at Cornell-Los Alamos Arxives

It happened again. Cornell-Los Alamos Arxives, where I emphasize the word
Cornell, managed to censor my work again. Here is the file describing some of my efforts.

As I was saying, I emphasize Cornell due to its continued support of censorship even though this activity has been brought up to its attention by several lawsuits. If this is not condoning censorship, I don't know what it is.

You might ask what is the point of having Ginsparg dressed like a chicken in my site. Of course, I enjoy the sight, would love to be offensive etc... I think that the worse thing I can call Ginsparg is Censor. This job was always performed by the Church, State or any other evil entity. Scientists, specially when there was some scrutiny and visibility, would and should not censor other ideas. There is plenty of visibility now-a-days.
The real point I am trying to make is that the person in the helm of the most import outlet of Physics ideas should be above childish behavior. The fact that one sees a Ginsparg Chicken should never make Ginsparg to blacklist my ideas. This is the most important job in Physics and due to Physics importance to Mankind, a very, very important job to hold.
Ginsparg did a great job creating the Los Alamos arxives, although it would be created by him or someone else. It was a state driven initiative, not unlike the internet, the atomic bomb etc.. Someone is always at the helm of those initiatives. That said, I hope Ginsparg, like Faust, will recover his soul someday and move back into the Light...:)
Of course, roughing up some feathers is necessary sometimes to bring up a good point.
I sincerely hope that Cornell University and Paul Ginsparg will raise to occasion and perform their jobs accordingly.
Up to now, they have done an unspeakable job.


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